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Our Services

Our Services

2D & 3D Visualizations

3D Models and Animations of Products, Interior and Exterior  Design for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Yachts or Airplanes created by experienced teams who are professionals in their field. 

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"The Achiteqt Team has just always the perfect solution for us to work with. They are doing so amazing jobs, are always reliable and I can only recommend them."


Sabrina  Hellermann

Real  Estate Agent - Sacramento,USA


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Interior Design

Interior Design Services that can be provided locally in and around New York, USA or in Istanbul, Turkey or as an online services. We create Interior Design Services for Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Private Properties like Airplanes and Yachts. For more informations click here. 

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Teams and Careers

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By the way, we are also hiring worldwide talents, so take a quick look a look at our career section,there might be also something for you. 


We are producing custom made furniture and decorational goods and ship them to our clients worldwide.

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Our customers are basically everyone who is an owner or investor or manufacturer of  residential or commercials spaces or products. 

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Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

What is architectural design?

Architectural design is a design process that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or a system and unites them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach to achieve the goal or goals under the given constraints. 

Our architectural design service

contains several focal points. We can visualize both your interior and exterior spaces as well as your furniture. Complete concept designs are also offered, which means that your outdoor and garden spaces can all be designed as a complete design concept package and drawn as a professional 2D technical drawing as well as a 3D model or animation. 


Additionally, we have specially trained, very experienced designers and engineers who are working also on projects like YACHTS and AIRPLANES

You can find these services on the specific category pages, which means, for instance, if you are in need for an interior designer for a yacht project, you click to the "interior design category"  button in the online shop and choose all the project informations you have for this project like sizes of the space as well as the other specifications, that would be a "vehicle" in this case.

In your attached notes, you can then tell us about the exact specifications, like measurements and material information and you can also send us images, hand sketches.

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Our options are as you can see below: 

Product Design

You have an idea of a product or you have a hand-sketched design, images, any kind of pictures. You send them to us and we convert them into professionally drawn 2D CAD Drawings and | or we take your 2D Drawing and convert it to 3D Models and 3D Animations.

Your products can be Industrial products as well as Mechanical products. 

We are capable to deliver you both types of CAD Design Services. Choose one of them below:


For more information regarding this service you can click here, you can fill in our inquiry form or contact us by writing us an e-mail or call us

How Achiteqt works
How Achiteqt works.
Discover our service structure....




Architectural Design

Exterior, Interior, Landscape

Prefabricated Buildings

Container, Tiny Houses, Light Steel, Wooden 

Interior Design Services

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and private properties - Locally & Online 

Online Furniture 

Design Services

We are able to design all kinds of furniture. Industrial and custom design options, any styles



All types of Lighting Design and Manufacturing


custom-made own design and produced, customized design for our prefabricated buildings, take a look at our Online Shop

Product Design

Industrial, Mechanical, Furniture

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